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Dessert Wine

Enjoy a glass of dessert wine after your meal . We stock  2 delicious dessert wines at only €16.00 per bottle

From France         Sauternes   “La Perle d’Arche”

From Italy              Moscato Passito    ” Il Cascinone”

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Italian Winner

Vino Nobile de Montepulciano Riserva    2010    “Carpineto”            €27.00

This wine is rated at No. 26 in the Top 100 Italian Red Wines

Superbly balanced with delightful cherry fruit flavours and lingering finish that goes on and on

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d’Arenberg Original “Darry’s Shiraz , Grenache”

Irish Wine Awards – Best Red Wine for €20.00

Produced by Darenberg’s colourful winemaker Chester Osborne who is responsible for some of Australia’s finest wines.

This full bodied yet elegant wine represents the best attributes of these grape varieties . At a recent tasting it was stated that ” this wine is so powerful it would wrestle Heinz Tomato Ketchup into whimpering submission