The Gold Star Award Collection is an eclectic selection of wines specially chosen by trained wine tasters using blind tasting techniques. It includes Old World and New World Red and White Wines as well as Rosé, Sparkling and Champagne sourced from Ireland’s premium importers. The winning wines are awarded on the basis of appearance, aroma, taste and value for money.

MacGuinness Wines currently stock 5 of this year’s Gold Star Award Winning wines.

  • HAZY VIEW CHENIN BLANC 2012 (Under €10 New World White)
  • VELLAS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2011 (Under €10 New World Red)
  • VERUM ROBLE 2010 (Under €15 Old World Red)
  • ESCUDO ROJO 2010 (Under €15 New World Red)
  • HEARTLAND SHIRAZ 2010 (Under €20 New World Red)

Any of these would make a fabulous wine for this coming Christmas season. Why not call in to us and check them out?