We are pleased to introduce Award winning wines of Carpineto which compare very favourably with the best Tuscan wineries. Carpineto was founded in 1967 is situated in an old Monastery in Siena which dates back several centuries, and still produces wines from the original walled vineyard.

The wines of Carpineto are consistent Award winners, and by the addition of Cabernet Sauvignon in some of its wines they may only be described as Vino da Tavola as Cabernet is not permitted in the production of Chianti . Indeed some of Tuscany’s greatest and most expensive red wines are thus described as “Table Wines“.

Carpineto and Antinori are the main producers that realised they can make a superior wine by not adhering to the strict DOCG regulations.

Attached is a selection of the wines of Carpineto which represent the best traditions of Tuscany. These wines are produced in the 4 vineyards that Carpineto own in Tuscany.

We also stock many other Award winning wines, please don’t be afraid to call in and enquire.